Training…. Can you train too much?

So an idea was presented to me over this week that I could over train my dog…. I had never really thought about that, so I reached out to one of the Master Trainers at NAPWDA about tracking too many days in a row and he did not believe you could over train your dog.  Before I heard back from him, I of course googled it and since nothing popped up on the first page of google I am assuming there is not much research on the topic out there. I also reached out to a past tracking instructor and he, as well confirmed you cannot over train.  My position is you need to train to real conditions. What happens if we got a call on a day we already trained? If we do not practice to that, then what? I also try to put myself in the person that told me that’s shoes, I wrote back them that I bet they are right if you are training hours on end in the same day. I think sometimes I do not come off well to others, because unless you send me research or evidence for things you present to me as facts, I will always do my own research. Hopefully, this person did not take it the wrong way. In the end it is all doing what is best for our team, not about who is right or who is wrong. It is about best practices in dog training.  It is about our calling to be of service to others.



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