Top 5 Potty training tips

Tenacious Dog Training- Potty training tips.
  1. Potty training is done through consistency and always keeping an eye on your puppy. Set a timer and take them out frequently and reward with a treat for doing their business outside.
  2. Always take your puppy out after any activities. This means after play, after a nap, after eating and so on.
  3. They physically can not hold it very long. Remember your puppy is learning, they do not come knowing not to potty in the house. We have to show them an appropriate place to potty, which is why I recommend bringing them to the same place outside if possible.
  4. If you need help with consistency, consider a certified pet sitter to stop over and help, when you initially get a new puppy. ( If you are in Sioux Falls, check out Lucky Pup Adventures here: )
  5. Have fun. Your puppy is only this small for a short time. If they have an accident laugh it off and take notes on how long they went between being outside.

Happy Training,

Tenacious Dog Training

For in home help with potty training book online here:

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