Therapy Dogs

A new member has joined the Sioux Falls Police Department in a brand new position: a therapy dog. Leo is a 14-week-old Golden Retriever and is going through training to become a certified therapy dog. In Sioux Falls, the therapy dog will be used primarily for the well-being of officers but will also take part in community activities like schools, events, block parties, and court.

Leo began training six weeks ago with Tenacious Dog Training Training and owner Maggie Pearson. He began learning basic skills and is working toward his certification as a therapy dog. The extensive training, for both Leo and his new handler, is anticipated to take until early 2024.

Leo was purchased from Archwind Retrievers in Bell Plaine, Minnesota. The support and generosity of Archwind Retrievers and Tenacious Dog Training helped launch this new program.

On April 30th, at 12:30 P.M., Severance Brewing is hosting event where Leo will assist in picking out the ingredients for a “dog brew”. The proceeds from the sales of the dog brew will be used for Leo’s future vet bills and food from Faithfull Friends Vet Clinic Sioux Falls. Learn more here:

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