Testimonials for Sioux Falls Dog Training:

Maggie has been fantastic to work with! She and her network of certified behaviorists and trainers work with the most up to date, scientifically proven methods to train dogs, and the results are astounding! She is so patient when teaching the clicker technique, and only wants what is best. I HIGHLY recommend her to anybody needing a trainer!! My (adult) dog learned new tricks SO quickly and I learned how to better communicate to my dog what I was trying to teach her!”

– Jessica Henricks
Tenacious Dog Training
Sioux Falls, Dog Training
Sioux Falls Dog Training, by Tenacious Dog Training

It was great working with Maggie . I have taken several different classes with my dog so felt like I had a good understanding. However I was still able to learn new ways to teach my dog. Always willing and able to answer any questions.

Shannon LofsWold

Tenacious Dog Training/ Sioux Falls, SD

Maggie is a great dog trainer with all kinds of fun training tips. With her certification in Clicker Training she makes things easy for the dog to understand. The end behaviors are fun and quickly achieved. Dax and I had a lot of fun working with her.

– Karen Kelling