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Search and rescue

Dakota Search and Rescue provides professional certified K9- handler teams, free of charge, to official search entities for lawful search and/or rescue of lost persons as well as recovery. We offer our services under any and all circumstances where K9

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Small brown dog with Sioux Falls Dog Training logo

Stir Crazy Dog?

Join myself and two other local dog experts May 27th, at 6:30pm central time, as we talk about using enrichment for our stir crazy dogs! Event details

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French Bulldog looking at cookies

Does your dog lack impulse control?

Does your dog counter surf? Dash out doors, which are left open? I can help. All of these behaviors are due to lack of impulse control and being rewarded for making the wrong choice. We can help our dog or

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Small dog next to a toothbrush

Cooperative Care

Learn how to making caring for your dog or cat FUN ( other animals also welcome)! In this 5 week series you will learn FUN ways to help your pet enjoy everyday grooming and have better veterinarian visits! Learn more!

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Join us live for all things puppies!

“So many questions right now about raising a healthy and stable puppy! We are home all the time and the puppy has endless energy. How do I deal with this? I know socialization is important, but how can I effectively

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Prevent Common Behavioral Issues

If you have a puppy and need help preventing common behavioral issues, we have you covered! We will work with your puppy on resource guarding prevention, impulse control and more. Our day program specifically targeted for puppies 20 weeks and

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Sioux Falls Dog Training

At Tenacious Dog Training we. Specialize in puppy raising! We offer a day program specifically geared towards puppies 20 weeks and under! Contact us at Tenaciousdogtraining@gmail.com to learn more!

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Puppy Playtime

We are now offering a day program! Puppies 8 weeks to 20 weeks are welcome to come! What do you all get? Playtime with the resident nanny dog Crate training Impulse control training One walk or park outing Training to

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Trick Dog Test

The AKC is now allowing us to do remote Trick Dog Title Testing!! Contact me today to set up your test. Tenaciousdogtraining@gmail.comLearn more here:https://www.akc.org/sports/trick-dog/

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