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How soon should you train your puppy?

I often get asked, how soon should I train my puppy? The answer is you should make a plan before you even pick your puppy up. Early training with a certified positive reinforcement professional dog trainer, plus environmental set up

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Top 5 Potty training tips

Potty training is done through consistency and always keeping an eye on your puppy. Set a timer and take them out frequently and reward with a treat for doing their business outside. Always take your puppy out after any activities.

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Have a HAPPY 4TH!

Do you have a plan to have a great 4th of July with your dog? Make sure you have a safe place set up for your dog in the house to be during the celebration. This area should be far

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Search and rescue

Dakota Search and Rescue provides professional certified K9- handler teams, free of charge, to official search entities for lawful search and/or rescue of lost persons as well as recovery. We offer our services under any and all circumstances where K9

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Stir Crazy Dog?

Join myself and two other local dog experts May 27th, at 6:30pm central time, as we talk about using enrichment for our stir crazy dogs! Event details

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Does your dog lack impulse control?

Does your dog counter surf? Dash out doors, which are left open? I can help. All of these behaviors are due to lack of impulse control and being rewarded for making the wrong choice. We can help our dog or

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Cooperative Care

Learn how to making caring for your dog or cat FUN ( other animals also welcome)! In this 5 week series you will learn FUN ways to help your pet enjoy everyday grooming and have better veterinarian visits! Learn more!

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Join us live for all things puppies!

“So many questions right now about raising a healthy and stable puppy! We are home all the time and the puppy has endless energy. How do I deal with this? I know socialization is important, but how can I effectively

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