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What is separation anxiety?

What is Separation Anxiety? Separation anxiety is a panic disorder, this means a dog is unable to control their behaviors. He or she is truly panicking.  It is similar to how we might react if we are afraid of spiders

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You need think in months, not weeks

Have you ever heard this saying?  This is one saying I tell all of my clients with dogs with behavioral quirks. If we are working with separation anxiety to reactivity it will take months for your dog to recover, not

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Training tip Tuesday:

Rewarded behavior continues. This means we need to pay our dogs for making the right choices.It also means we have to look at what is rewarding a behavior we don’t like, and remove what is reinforcing it. Happy Training! If

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How soon should you train your puppy?

I often get asked, how soon should I train my puppy? The answer is you should make a plan before you even pick your puppy up. Early training with a certified positive reinforcement professional dog trainer, plus environmental set up

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Top 5 Potty training tips

Potty training is done through consistency and always keeping an eye on your puppy. Set a timer and take them out frequently and reward with a treat for doing their business outside. Always take your puppy out after any activities.

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Have a HAPPY 4TH!

Do you have a plan to have a great 4th of July with your dog? Make sure you have a safe place set up for your dog in the house to be during the celebration. This area should be far

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