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Seperation Anxiety is treatable

Did you know we do not know exactly what causes seperation anxiety? This means we know it is not something you did or did not do to your dog. Read that one more time. Having a dog with seperation anxiety

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How do we treat separation anxiety in dogs?

What does training with Tenacious℠ look like? We use proven protocols to gradually help your dog, not worry about being alone. It is a process called Desensitization. When administered properly, meaning we go at the pace of your dog; with

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How do we treat a dog with Separation Anxiety?

We treat dogs with separation anxiety with a 3-prong approach. After you have spoken with your Veterinary and received a formal diagnosis, of Separation Anxiety, medication is usually prescribed. As your dog does have true panic attacks when you leave.

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What is separation anxiety?

What is Separation Anxiety? Separation anxiety is a panic disorder, this means a dog is unable to control their behaviors. He or she is truly panicking.  It is similar to how we might react if we are afraid of spiders

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You need think in months, not weeks

Have you ever heard this saying?  This is one saying I tell all of my clients with dogs with behavioral quirks. If we are working with separation anxiety to reactivity it will take months for your dog to recover, not

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Training tip Tuesday:

Rewarded behavior continues. This means we need to pay our dogs for making the right choices.It also means we have to look at what is rewarding a behavior we don’t like, and remove what is reinforcing it. Happy Training! If

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