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veterinarian Visits During a pandemic

If your veterinary office is not allowing people in the building, see if you can practice safe supervised separations with a friend. Meaning a friend takes your dog, or you leave your dog with a friend walk away and come

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Separation Anxiety- It is not your fault

Did you know that there are no studies supporting the fact that owners create separation anxiety in their dogs? Well now you do. Although, we are not 100% what causes it, we do know there is a genetic component. We

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Puppy Chewing help

If you have a puppy you know they chew… on just about anything. The best way to help your puppy to make the right choices is to manage what they have access too. This means closing doors, putting up gates

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Safe ways to exercise your puppy

Did you know that less is more when it comes to exercising your puppies? As their growth plates are not sealed, it is best to not let them do stairs, or march like walks. Instead, short smelly walks where they

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Training tips:

Training tips: When training a puppy, you want to keep it short and sweet. I usually do not worry about too much at this age. For example, sitting, loose leash walking or complex behaviors I leave for later. At this

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Potty training in the winter tips:

Potty training in the winter tips: If you got a puppy in the winter like I did, you might need a few tips to help you make it through. First set a timer to let your puppy out frequently. I

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Puppy Biting

Puppy Biting: IT HURTS If you have a puppy you know they bite and it HURTS! The good news is that your puppy is not possessed or doing this on purpose to hurt you. Puppies explore the world with their

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Management and raising dogs

I often get asked what the secret to raising a puppy is and the best answer I can give is management. Shocking I am sure, as a professional trainer is expected to say training. First when raising a puppy, you

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