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Dog Training Class

Group Classes start September 30th!

After orientation we will be offering two class times! One at 6:00pm and another at 7:00pm. All ages and skill levels are welcome. Come have fun with your dog! Sign up here: Sioux Falls Dog Training

Sioux Falls Dog Training
Clicker Training, Dog, Dog Breeding, Dog Breeds, Dog training, Dogs, puppy, Sioux Falls, Uncategorized

Why is Enrichment Important?

Why is enrichment important?

Enrichment allows our dogs to be dogs. It provides fun outlets for normal dog behaviors  and it is crucial to any  dog’s welfare. It allows owners time to not to have to watch their dogs like hawks as the dog is set up for success to do normal dog things, such as chewing.  What are your favorite enrichment toys or games? Some of mine are below:


Enriching Toys


Contact us for help with your dog or puppy:

Clicker Training, Dog, Dog Breeds, Dog training, Dogs, puppy, Sioux Falls, Uncategorized

Training Methodology of dog training in Sioux Falls

I believe training should be FUN for both ends of the leash! If you want to train your dog with methods that are force free and science based than you are in the right place! We specialize in Clicker Training to learn more about this exciting way to communicate with your dog click here: Clicker Training

Please visit this link for an official position statement, on these training methods, from the International Association of Animal Behaviorist:IAABC