Seminars and Workshops

Canine Cognition Seminar:

May 19th – May 21st, 2023, Start time 9:00AM to 4:30ishPM

Canine Cognition Seminar: With Lily Strassberg
Join us for this 3 day seminar with the one and only Lily Strassberg!
This class is based on the research conducted with Duke University. This class is for everyone! We will have 3 working spots for dogs 6 months and under and 6 working spots for dogs 6 months and older. Regardless of if you do detection or some other dog sport or if you are a professional looking to enhance how you select dogs for Police or Security work. A handler or trainer learning cognition testing enhances your knowledge about the dog in front of you, making you better at communicating and understanding your dog.
These Cognition tests (Brain Games) help you learn crucial information such as, is your dog strong in memory, is the dog a problem solver, how quick does it make inferences? Additional things these tests show are, does the dog easily follow gestural communication and what is your dog’s laterality? If you are a Law Enforcement Agency or Security Firm, these tests help you select a better, more trainable dog. In conjunction with the normal K9 selection and evaluation steps agencies use, adding these K9 Brain games to your evaluation raises the percentage of dogs successfully picked to be working K9’s. Using these tests have proven to increase selection percentages of the right dogs for your program and it has also proven to reduce training time needed to get dogs ready and on the road.
If you do Agility, Mondio Ring, PSA, SAR, Nose/Scent work, or anything else… The information from these games help you understand your dog better and how to set up training sessions that get the most out of your dog. Just knowing if your dog is right or left brain dominant can make a big difference on how you have your dog perform a skill or search.

Working spot 6 months or older:

Working spot under 6 months:

Observation spot:

For dogs 6 Months and older book here NOTE NO REFUNDs if you can not make it. It is for all 3 days:

For dogs under 6 months: NOTE NO REFUNDs if you can not make it. It is for all 3 days

Dog Friendly hotels Subject to change make sure you ask when you call please!


Lure Course Work Shop-  June 3rd

Introduction to Lure Coursing
This workshop is for owners of sighthounds, non-sighthounds, and mixed breeds! 
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We will cover:
* Rules for AKC lure coursing, Coursing Ability Tests (CATs), & FastCATs as well as American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA) & Large Gazehound Racing Association (LGRA)
* How to identify safety concerns for the sport
*Where/how to find events to enter or practice
* What to expect at an event
* How to “build value to the bag” with positive reinforcement training
* Using a flirt pole to build your dog’s drive and enthusiasm
* Fitness requirements
* Event is 8:00AM to 12:00PM

Participants should bring:
* Comfortable chair
* Note pad for taking notes
Participants with working spots should also bring:
* Large supply of soft, chewy, high-value treats
* Clicker- we will be going over marker systems
* A hungry dog 

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Small dog running

Detection Fundamentals workshop- October 20th-22nd.

Join us for this 3 day seminar with the one and only Lily Strassberg!
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The Detection Fundamentals workshop covers detection training concepts with the capability to reach people at a variety of different working levels from just starting out in odor work to troubleshooting established detection teams. The main focus would be hands-on training, with a presentation at the start of the workshop to cover theory and development.
-Odor hygiene (aid storage/handling)
-Foundational obedience (platform training)
-Reward Hierarchy
-Hunt Games (Toy/Food Hunts)
-Establishing a Marker system, direct vs indirect reward
-Focus games (building the Passive Alert on primary)
-Conditioning Odor (Imprinting)
-Discrimination (progression through odor thresholds and distractors/proofing items, data keeping)
-Intro to area hides
-Leash handling
-Blinding (single, double, clever hands)
-ORT procedures
-Controlled negatives
About Lily: Lily is a trainer at Grassroots K9 where she raises and develops green malinois and labradors for single and dual purpose sale to police departments in the US and Canada, and trains pet obedience in a board and train format. Previously, Lily worked for Ford K9, raising and training narcotic, firearm, explosive, and bed bug detection dogs and handlers, and at the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF), puppy raising and assisting in the training of live find and human remains disaster search dogs. While at SDF, she also managed the Fit to Work conditioning program for the dogs in training.
Lily received her masters in Cognitive and Behavioral Science from Auburn University. She holds two bachelor of science degrees in Animal Behavior and Psychology with a Neuroscience focus. Lily has worked in Duke’s Canine Cognition and Auburn’s Comparative Cognition laboratories conducting assessments on populations of explosive detection dogs at a variety of ages to examine predictive profiles of performance. Lily has interned with Simon Prins in the Netherlands, Mike Nezbeth in Canada, and teaches canine cognition and detection seminars in the US, Canada, and Europe.
Working spots are $400 – Lunch is included
Working spot:
Observation spot: