Safe ways to exercise your puppy

Corgi Puppies running

Did you know that less is more when it comes to exercising your puppies? As their growth plates are not sealed, it is best to not let them do stairs, or march like walks. Instead, short smelly walks where they determine how fast and far you go is best. 1/3 of your puppy’s brain is dedicated to interpreting the world through their nose. So please let them smell. This offers more brain drain and ultimately will make a happier and more tired puppy. If you are making your puppy or dog, for that matter, go for long sustained walks you are not meeting their needs to smells, as well as creating a conditioned athlete that will need more and more exercise as time goes on. Puppy safe exercises includes:

  • Swimming (use a life jacket and get professional help if you do not know how to safely introduce your puppy to water).
  • Digging- I like filling up a baby pool with snow in the winter and hiding toys in there.
  • Tug- If you do not know how to safetly tug with a puppy please ask for professional help.
  • Training time.
  • Smelly walks.
  • Ditch the food bowl and feed out of interactive feeders.
  • Kibble trials.

Happy training!

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