Puppies and Older Dogs

Let’s talk about training for a minute. I often get calls from individuals distraught about their new puppies annoying their older dogs and want it stopped right now.  This is a valid concern and should be addressed. That being said, the reality is there is only so much time in the day to train and at a young age there are often more important things we should be working on with our puppies. This is where I love management. As Benjamin frankly stated, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If we prevent our puppies from trying to play with our adults, they won’t get reinforced by that choice. For example, 4 out of 10 times my senior dogs would give in to play with the young dogs in our house. So this reinforces the puppies trying to initiate play even when the older dogs want to sleep. From the puppy’s point of view, it a slot machine, today might be the day it works.  The simple answer in my house is expen. I can restrict the puppies access to Gracie and Ruger, yet they all still get to hang out in the same room.

Two dogs, laying down on a chair behind an expen.
My two senior dogs behind the expen.

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