Potty training in the winter tips:

Potty training in the winter tips:

Puppy going potty.

If you got a puppy in the winter like I did, you might need a few tips to help you make it through. First set a timer to let your puppy out frequently. I also recommend letting them out every time an activity ends so for example, play, waking up from a nap and after eating. Second, I recommend having warm boots and a coat ready by the back door. I also leave a bag of treats in my jacket pocket so I can reward them for going potty outside. Lastly, if you have little dog like me and you think they have to go, carry them out so they don’t have an accident waiting for you to get dressed.

               If it is really, really cold where you live. You can always set up a tray in a garage ( if connected to your house) with alfa pellets for a potty area or other puppy safe potty materials. I have had one client grow a small patch of grass in their garage in an old tray from a rabbit hutch. I am not sure how they trimmed the grass, but hey it worked well!

Happy Training!

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