Pet Loss Resources

Sadly, there is the inevitable time in every pet owner’s life and this is when you have to say your final goodbye.  In addition to loss of the love and affection from our pets, more often than not, we had to make the choice on when their last day would be. This in and of itself adds to our grief and can leave guardians absolutely devastated. For some individuals processing the death of a pet can be harder than losing a human loved one. We do not often talk openly about what we experience when losing a pet. Please note you are not alone. I have compiled a list of resources to help to help those experiencing this loss below.

Free Counseling services via Zoom can be found here:

Books for children:

 Books for Adults:

Gifts for those experiencing loss:

Candles that honor the life of a loved one.

A candle’s dancing light is a symbol of a living spirit. The flame burns to strengthen memories – and the light of their life continues to shine. Losing a loved one brings intense feelings of loss and remembering them can be so hard. Memorial candles are a beautiful to honor your loved one and keep your memories alive. Each memorial candle order includes grief action and education information written by a licensed professional counselor. Purchase one here:

Brad’s Barn Angel’s

Barn Angels are comprised of old, weathered, rusted, discarded, and often forgotten pieces.

Purchase here, by messaging him on Facebook:

On of my favorites from Etsy as every time I am sad and mourning the loss of my dear Rebel, I can put my grief and action and kiss her in this necklace.

My Rebel that passed in 2020

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