Management and raising dogs

I often get asked what the secret to raising a puppy is and the best answer I can give is management. Shocking I am sure, as a professional trainer is expected to say training. First when raising a puppy, you need to manage your expectations. Puppies have a lot to learn. They do not come knowing not to potty in the house, how to be alone, how be confined and when it is appropriate time to play or sleep. You need to realize that it will take time for your puppy to achieve these things. Therefore, you need to manage your expectations and set realistic ones. Second, physical management. I block off access to things that I do not want my puppy to destroy or that could be dangerous (think stairs). This also looks like shutting doors, putting shoes in the closet and so on. If they can’t get access to it, they can’t rehearse and ultimately reinforce behaviors we do not like. Lastly, Manage your time well the first few weeks. Don’t hesitate to ask for help! Puppies need to be brought out frequently, and rewarded for going to the bathroom outside. Puppies need a lot of work upfront as some take longer to find confinement training or alone time boring. If you need to do not hesitate to hire a certified dog walker to come take your puppy for smelly walks.  Additionally, plan out time to train your puppy. Training sessions should be short and fun! If you need help check out my new puppy program package here:

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