Here are links to some of my favorite resources all dog related of course!


Dr. McConnell- The other end of the leash:  –

By Karen Pryor- Don’t Shoot the Dog!: The New Art of Teaching and Training-

DVD or Live stream training Videos: 

 Puppy Culture is protocols for breeders and puppy owners, on how to raise well adjusted puppies into dogs.  Learn more about puppy culture here:

Puppy Fitness that fits the puppy ( free if you have a kindle)


Free Dog Training Videos

Online Articles: 

Jean Dodd’s vaccination protocols

Chris Zink’s article on early spay neuter


Big Button clicker or loud Clicker

Treat Bag

Training Treats ( what I like to use):

Beef Training Treat or Lamb or Chicken

Beef Lung Or Beef Heart  Or Beef Liver

Dog Chews

Duck Feet or Chicken Feet or Bully Sticks

Kongs or Durable Toys

Supplements for Dogs:

Natural Flea & Tick Defense

Probiotics for Pets

Digestive Enzymes For Pets

Dr. Mercola Healthy Pets Bladder Support

SpiruGreen for Pets

Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic Dog Vitamin Supplement

Hip & Joint

Search and Rescue:

SAR Training Log

Tracking lead

Tug Toy Another option: Tug Toy Ball

Tracking Harness

Fundamentals Of Search And Rescue ( Book)

SR-1 Recon Search and Rescue Pack

Dog First Aid Kit

Rescue Essentials First Responder Pack

Dog & People Safe Buy Spray

Waterbowl- hooks onto Kennel

Dog Training Equipment:

Harness Anti Pull