I would like to share this  video that is the basis for dog learning of almost all things we want our dogs to know. This is called “it’s your choice” It is a phrase coined by Susan Garrett, the “guru of agility training.”  Whether we are teaching dogs to learn to compete or to learn to live happily in our homes, we first need to teach our dogs that they CAN get what they want by offering the correct behavior. Once the dog learns they can get what THEY want by controlling their own impulses this can be transferred to learn many other skills in life.

Please watch this video and start doing this simple exercise with your dog now. It’s fun and they (the dogs) will learn impulse control quickly. Key things to remember are:

  • keep your arm straight out do not bend your elbow or move your arm away from the dog-put your closed fist holding the treats right at their level and right in front of their nose!
  • No talking. The key is to let the dog learn from doing… that when I back away I get what I want… i.e. the treat!
  • When the dog makes the RIGHT choice ON THEIR OWN good things happen

Here is a video of someone playing “it’s your choice” with their dog.  It is a good example of how to play this game.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipT5k1gaXhc

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