HOw to pick up your puppy when you have to fly Series, Blog # 1

How to fly to pick up your puppy

Step one, have a plan. This means know the airports you will be flying too and their layout. Schedule your layovers, if applicable, accordingly as you want to have a buffer of time, to prevent additional stress on yourself, should your first flight leave a little late.  Additionally, know what airlines allow dogs at your puppies age, some only allow 10 weeks or older. You will need a soft side crate such as the Sherpa  link here:

as your puppy must fly in the crate the whole duration of the flight. This must fit under the seat in front of you. So pick your seats carefully, as this might not fit well under the seat in front of you. Keep in mind you can place the crate width wise in front of you or the other way to make it fit. If you want enough leg room, I recommend looking at business class or first class if you can afford it. You may carry your pupy in your arms at the airport before boarding, keep in mind you do not want them on the ground due to risk of germs. Second you want to map out your layovers, If applicable, so you know where you can bring your puppy to have a potty break. I would never bring a puppy to the dog area. I made Potty Packs. Which consisted of 2 disposable potty pads, a zip lock back, and a wet wipe. I put the potty pads down in the women’ restroom floor in a stall, and if my puppy eliminated, I would put the dirty pad in the Ziplock back and throw in the trash, much like you would a human diaper. Stay tuned for more blogs on how to travel to pick up your puppy!


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