How to fly to pick up your puppy, Blog # 2

  • If you are able to send your Sherpa ahead of time to your breeder so they may start conditioning your puppy to like it. They may do this by feeding them their meals in it for example. I also like to ask for a few scent articles from my breeder so my puppy has some familiar smells in there with them.   One way to travel is to get there the day before, in the am pick up your puppy, and jet on home. If you are taking the route, I recommend making sure their puppy pack has some food for the airport. I recommend bringing one or 2 very small tubber wear containers with their lids to store some food and water for your puppy. Be mindful of when feeding and providing water, as you want to time it about 15 minutes before you can set up a potty area for your dog. I also rubbed my puppies ears a bit during take off to help them pop.
  • Stay tuned for more in this blog series of how to fly with your puppy!

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