How do we treat a dog with Separation Anxiety?

Sad looking brown dog.
Tenacious Dog Training

We treat dogs with separation anxiety with a 3-prong approach. After you have spoken with your Veterinary and received a formal diagnosis, of Separation Anxiety, medication is usually prescribed. As your dog does have true panic attacks when you leave. Once medication is on board, that is where I come in. We work on setting up management to prevent your dog from panicking. Then we start working a process called gradual desensitization to incrementally expose your dog to being alone, but only at a pace he or she can handle. It is important to know that separation anxiety is not something you caused in your dog. Please read that one more time. Having a dog with a panic disorder can be very hard, but this is not something you caused. If you are ready for help book your initial consult here:

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