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Well this blog is certainly off topic, compared to my usual, that is.

  I do a fair amount of volunteer work with my dogs, as another blogger recently pointed out, it is more of a calling to do  these things with my dogs. However, I have not necessarily volunteered for dogs, until now. A friend I met at our local Kennel Club told me about a Great Dane Rescue needing volunteers in my area and they immediately thought of me. A short interview, home study, background and application later here I am set up by them to do home evaluations and foster if the need should arise.

I did my first home visit for the dog rescue about two weeks ago and loved it. I was able to meet with the potential adopter, ask them the questions for the rescue, assess their home, but more importantly discuss one of the breeds I love.  It was very inspiring to be able to be a part of a wonderful group, which ensures the dogs are going to right the homes, and make sure the potential owners are set up for success. The potential owners should leave the meeting with a better understanding of what they are getting into and have their questions/ concerns addressed. I was able to bring Gracie along, so the person would get a feel for what having a Great Dane in the home would be like.  If you ever find yourself longing to volunteer with dogs, take a look at the local rescue groups in your area. For this particular group there is no time commitment, you let them know what works for you, no pressure, it is a great way to give back. It was astounding to me how many Great Danes need to be rehomed and are surrendered. You hear stories of individuals, forced to move and are unable to take them, too simply they did not realize how big they were going to get. Regardless of the reason, this rescue group does their best to set them up with a wonderful forever home, and are very positive judgement free folks.

To all of you that donate your time, may God bless you for making your communities a better place, one volunteer hour at a time.

( Pictured above is Gracie in red, all ready for one of her TDI visits, the one on the left is her getting bundled up to head out in the South Dakota snow, you can also see Ruger back there too).

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