Have you heard of the enrichment effect?

Jane Killion wrote an very interesting article about how puppies will have larger brains and be more emotionally stable if you raise them in an enriched environment. More information about this article can be found here:  https://www.puppyculture.com/new-enrichment-effect.html

To sum up the article however it was found that Animals brought up  in  an enriched environment show the following in comparison to animals raised in standard laboratory conditions:

•Larger brains

•More new brain cells and neural connections

•Better brain cell survival

 Additionally, they found that the physical changes in brain structure also resulted in the following intellectual and emotional benefits:

•Improved ability to learn and remember

•More emotional stability

•Better resiliency to stress

You can learn more or purchase the Puppy Culture protocols here: https://www.puppyculture.com/?a_aid=57ee895db898d



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