Going Raw

Raw Feeding…..

There are many options on what is best to feed our dogs. I decided to switch to Raw almost a year ago after doing some research. What I found was dogs that were raw feed had the following:

  • Smaller poops ( big deal here with 2 Great Danes and now a GSD too)
  • Shiny coats
  • Flake-free and itch-free skin
  • Clean teeth, bones naturally take off the tarter
  • Better breath
  • Less likely to bloat ( maybe due to stomach muscle having to work or simply knowing exactly when your dog ate last so you are more likely to make sure they rest?) http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/preventing-bloat-naturally/
  • I never have to worry about food recalls
  • No allergies – one of my dogs is allergic to chicken…. It was extremely difficult to find a dog food without chicken in it, if you read down all the ingredients even if it said chicken free… there was chicken fat somewhere in it
  • No more ear infections for Ruger and no more bladder infections for Gracie since we switched. Could have been the chicken or perhaps the vegetables in traditional kibble causing this
  • They are excited to eat! I used to have add things to the kibble to get Gracie to eat

Helpful links:




There are also a lot of Facebook groups on raw feeding, which are also a great place to start.

Next Blog will be on how I got started


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