Flying with your puppy, blog # 4

Always stop water and food about 30-40 minutes before boarding. Potty your puppy right before boarding using the potty kits you made. Never take your puppy to the dog area, as the risk of disease is not worth it.  

Don’t let people pet your puppy. They experience might already be overwhelmed; we want to limit as much stimulation as possible. I recommend bringing a small blanket to maybe cover the kennel if need be or to provide warmth if needed. I also purchased a stuffed dog, which mimics having a heartbeat and you can put a heating pad in as well. I rubbed it on mom and littermates to provide comforting smells as we traveled. My puppy cuddled right up to it. Link below:

Lastly, take the shortest flight possible.

Thank you for tuning in to this series on how to fly with your puppy!

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