Separation Anxiety Help

What is Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is a panic disorder, this means a dog is unable to control their behaviors. He or she is truly panicking.  It is similar to how we might react if we are afraid of spiders and one suddenly appears. Although we don’t know exactly what causes it, I can tell you it is NOT something you did or did not do with or to your dog. Read that one more. This is not your fault, and I am here to help!

What does train with Tenacious Dog Training look like?

We use proven protocols to gradually help your dog, not worry about being alone. It is a process called Desensitization. When administered properly, meaning we go at the pace of your dog, you will begin to help your dog learn that you leaving is not scary. In fact, they will begin to learn it is boring. This is the gold standard in helping dogs with separation anxiety. 

What does the training entail?

When teaching a dog to be relaxed when left alone, we must introduce alone time gradually. We have to work at the pace of your dog. This means, it is possible the first weeks may seem like we are not making progress. It takes time to create behavior change, we need to think in terms of months, not weeks. If you are ready to commit to helping your dog live their best life with you, I am here to help.

Separation Anxiety Consultation: $30, You can book here: Get help now

Who can go through the training protocol?

In order to not affect your dog’s behavior with my presence in your home, training is done online. This means you get expert help in the comfort of your home, there are no limits to where you live!  I have clients all over the USA. Don’t live in the USA? As long as you speak English, I am sure we can work something out, just please note I am in the Central Time Zone.

My Separation Anxiety program is sold as a package, which four weeks in length, I require a minimum of a four-week commitment. Each week you will receive one live assessment with me and five daily touch points on the next steps in your dogs, specific training protocols. That is right, every dog is different and I will work with you, at your dog’s pace.

To learn more about separation anxiety please visit: Click Here

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