Group Dog Training

Group Dog Training


Tenacious offers group dog training classes in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Descriptions of all of our classes are offered below. To sign up for a class, visit our Book an Appointment page.

Coming soon is DRINK WITH YOUR DOG™ Class! Learn how to have a polite dog in public and have fun, whilst drinking a beer at the same time!!

Baby Puppy Class

We’ll show you how to make sure your baby puppy has great experiences with people, new surfaces, new sounds, and more during this half-hour puppy class.  Any puppy between 8-20 weeks of age who’s up-to-date on their shots and worming schedule can attend. Your puppy will go home tired from training, and you’ll go home with helpful tips on potty training, nipping, chewing, separation issues, socialization, and more! If you make all 6 weeks you can also earn your AKC Star Puppy certificate.


German Shepherd Dog at class - Sioux Falls Dog Training
Doberman in a dog training class

clicker pups

This course is designed for our puppy class graduates. This will , 30 minute course, where your puppy will keep advancing in the foundation skills they previously learned. We will be increasing distractions and duration. Come have FUN with your pup! Learn more about clicker training!


New to clicker training? Check out our 5-week introductory clicker-training class and learn basic obedience! We will teach you how to effectively communicate with your dog and have FUN while you do it. Any age of dog is welcome from puppies to adults, this class is ideal for those new to clicker training! You will learn  basic obedience skills, such as response to name, recall, loose leash walking, waiting at doors, settling on their bed or mat, sit, and leave it. You will also learn introductory training concepts so you can teach additional behaviors of your choice after you complete the class. (5 weeks, 45 minutes long). 

I'd click that™

Want to take your clicker training to the next level, have FUN and teach your dog some adorable new tricks? Then this is the class for you! We will teach you how to better observe your dog and find new ways to shape big behaviors from little movements and capture things you like! This class is for individuals, which already have a good foundation in clicker training. 

Training a Border Collie in dog training class
Golden Retriver Puppy


Does your dog drag you down the street? Does he or she choke and gag from pulling so hard against the leash? Then this class is for you! Learn more about what Loose Leash Walking is. 

In this three-week-long course, we help clicker savvy folks and their pooches, learn how to fine-tune their dog’s loose leash walking skills. We’ll show you a wide variety of easy and effective games to make walks FUN for both ends of the leash.  (4 weeks)


In this 3-week class you will learn fun games to play with your dog to help them LOVE their crate. (3 weeks)

  • You must bring your own kennel and a 6 to 12 foot leash for this class

Not sure what class to take? Contact us for more assistance!

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