Fearful Dog Training

Do you have a dog with fearful behaviors? If they are scared of new things in the environment, noises, people or other common triggers, we are here to help! Tenacious offers a unique program that we sell in 4 week packages to help you, help your dog with specific proven protocols. These are tailor made based on your dog. No cookie cutter programs here!

Behavior Help for Fearful Dogs

  • Learn how to help your dog gain confidence
  • Learn how to set your dog, guests & family up for success
  • Learn management techniques for instant relief for your dog and for you
  • Learn how to understand your dog’s body language to help them live their best lives
  • Learn fun ways to enrich your dog’s life, while respecting their emotional state
  • Learn how to communicate with your dog and give them the right choices
  • Have FUN bonding with your dog
Start building a great relationship with your dog!  Your initial call to see if I can help is $30 – Book a Call Here Please note we need to think in terms of months not weeks in creating behavior change. Which is why I sell you training in packages of 4 weeks. You get 5 days a week, feedback and custom training plans, and one zoom meeting per week.  Pricing is AFTER an initial call has been completed to make sure we are a good fit for one another: $650 Learn more about fear in dogs from the AKC.
Picture of fearful dog - training and behavior for fearful and shy dogs
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