Drink With Your Dog™ project

Learn great brewery dog skills that will make your dog the perfect patio companion no matter where you go!

Mixed breed dog sitting in Lupulin Brewery.

One of my goals is to help make Sioux Falls, and the surrounding areas more dog friendly. I hope to achieve this goal, by helping owners learn the skills on the human end of the leash to always set their dogs up for success, while at the same time teaching dogs the skills to be the best restaurant and brewery buddies ever! 

So what does a Drink with Your Dog™ class look like? We take your dog’s basic skills to the next level and help them become the best brewery/ restaurant buddy ever! Teaching your dog good manners with typical distractions of being in a brewery or restaurant is the best thing you can do help keep Sioux Falls dog-friendly. Also knowing how to read your dog’s body language and knowing if your dog is also enjoying the outing or not. 

Additionally you can get titles on your dog! You read that right! Certified Brewery-Friendly Dog Titles are a fun way to structure your training and testing for a title will be an opportunity available in this class! Learn more about the titles here: https://www.drinkwithyourdog.com/brewery-dog-titles.

To find current offerings and to sign up online, go to Book Online

  • Must be at least 21 when class is at a brewery, if at another venue 18.
  • Your dog must be able to settle on a mat on cue already and not be reactive.
  • This class is also fun for a date night, friend get together or just be meet some new friends that also love dogs!