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A black lab puppy looking up at owner.

Family Dog Foundation Class for All Ages

New to dog ownership? Than this is the class for you! Learn about proper training, exercise and more!

Muzzle Training How and Why

Want to learn how to muzzle train your dog? Then this course is for you! No matter if you want to train this behavior in the event you may need it, or perhaps your veterinary team wants your dog muzzled on their next visit this course is for you.

A Collie dog lying on the ground.

Positive Reinforcement Basics

Join Instructor Kelly Pulis to learn all the basics to understand and implement science based training methods!

A brown puppy squatting to pee.

Potty Training and Beyond

This is a self-paced course to help you with the ins and outs of potty training! In addition, we will be giving you an intro to positive science-based training mechanics & stress free crate training!

A small sleeping puppy.


Are you bringing a puppy home? Than this course is for you! We are going to make sure you are prepared for your puppy. If they are already in your home, no worries! This self-paced course is full of tips & tricks to help you live in harmony!

Stress Free Crate Training

Want to learn how to help your dog or puppy learn to love their crate? Want to do so in a stress free and science based way? Than look no further and enroll today!

Mudi dog, with wooden spoon in mouth.

Teach Your Animal to Retrive

This course is for anyone wanting to teach their dog to retrieve an item. It is perfect for the foundation work for the obedience ring, trick training and task training for service dogs!

A closeup of a dog's nails being clipped.

Stress Free Nail Care

Not sure where to start with maintaining your dog's nails? Professional groomer Whitney Robison is ready to walk you through stress free methods to taking care of your dog's feet!

a white dog curled up on the floor.

Sioux Falls Area- Pet Resource Bank- Free

COMING SOON!! This is a free course to connect Sioux Falls residents with local resources to help them keep their pets in their home. In addition, how to make caring for your pet easier if you need to make adaptation, due to changes in abilities and aging.