Day Training for Dogs

Want your dog trained in the comfort of your home? We have you covered! With our day training options!

day Training:

Day Training is a great option for dogs who get nervous in new environments or for the owner that needs help now! This is where Tenacious Dog Training comes in! We come to your house 2 to 3 times per week. Typical Day Training sessions are 3 to 4 weeks in a row. We may recommend a longer  as it is dependent on the issues you are facing as well as the goals you have for your dog.

This is What to Expect out of a day Training program:

  • You will get a video and pictures after each 20 minute session to see your dog’s progress.
  • Additionally, you will get instructions on how to keep up the training on your own.
  • We will provide recommendations on how best to set your dog up for success, if we feel more needs to be done to maintain training progress.
  • Another added bonus is you come home to a tired dog or puppy
Picture of brown pit mix dog - Tenacious Dog Training can help provide harmony in your home
Training a shepherd puppy

Methods we use for Training:

We use positive training methods! Your dog will be trained with clicker training! Learn more about this exciting way to train

PLEASE NOTE: Not all dogs are well suited for Day Training options. We do require an initial meet and greet before booking so we can make an appropriate recommendation. Price: $27.12 book here:


  • 9 mini Sessions: $596.75
  • We only provide Day Training within a 10 mile radius of 26th street and Marion Road in Sioux Falls at this time. Each session is 20 minutes long
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