We offer Family Dog Training in Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas!

Are you ready to have a great relationship with your dog? Learn how to “click” your dog to great manners!

We can help you build great foundation behaviors to help your dog know what you do want them to do, in your home, at a time, which works for you!

Here is a sample of some the common behavior problems family dog training helps prevent:

  •  Prevent jumping at guests
  • Threshold training, teach your dog to wait at the door
  • Start to enjoy your walks with our loose lease walking lessons
  • Crate Training, every dog should love their crate
  • Have better vet visits
  • Learn how to enrich your dogs life and build a great relationship based on clear communication and science based training methods

Tenacious Dog Training will also help you achieve your AKC Canine Good Citizen  Title and/ or  Trick Dog title as we offer testing! Contact us today!

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Why is training important for all dogs? Here is great information about the Benefits of training your dog

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