Did you know dog training is an unregulated service industry? This means anyone, regardless of training, can call themselves a dog trainer. This is one of the reasons I have put in the work to be able to offer quality science based training and behavior consulting in Sioux Falls. I also do continuing education credits each year to stay on top of the latest research and methodologies proven to provide the best outcomes, when applied correctly. I have my bachelor’s degree in psychology where my passion for observing behavior and influencing it in a positive way was formed. I  also am a graduate of the esteemed  Karen Pryor Dog Trainer Professional Program, a member of PPG and the IAABC Dog division. Additionally I am also an AKC Canine Good Citizen Elevator and Trick dog tester. In my spare time, I volunteer with Therapy Dogs International with my certified dog Gracie. I am also a search and rescue handler with my Certified Cadaver dog Rebel and Trailing Dog Ruger with Dakota Search and Rescue in Sioux Falls. Lastly, I am Spencer Group Approved Trainer and volunteer with the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society and the Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue.