Learn how to find a dog good trainer

Although dog trainers are guided by LIMA, Least Invasive and Minimal Adversive methods, it does not mean all of us interpret these the same way. As stated in the video it is important to educate yourself and ask the right questions to find the right trainer for you.  Sadly, this woman and her dogs were […]

Join us this Saturday for a free dog event!

Join us for a 3K/5K Fun Run! Help us raise funds for homeless and neglected pets in Sioux Falls and the surrounding communities. Every dollar raised helps provide nurturing care, medical treatment, and more to the thousands of animals that come to the SFAHS each year. Learn more and sign up here.

Are you and your dog ready for Halloween?

Halloween is right around the corner. But, what if you don’t have kids, but want to dress a pet? In this segment on Keloland Living, we cover everything from costumes to Halloween safety! Click the link below to watch the show.     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jT_adHlL8-o

Dogs with Jobs

When you think of a dog with a job what pops into your mind? Maybe it’s one of the many pups that make up the Paw Patrol in Adventure Bay, or maybe McGruff the crime dog. Today I joined Keloland Living to talk more about all the amazing things dogs can do! Learn more here  

Stress Free Nail Care

Does your dog struggle with getting their nails taken care of or do you have a new puppy? Then we have you covered. Grooming is a life long skill all dogs need to enjoy. If you need help check out our self-paced online course here: https://tenacious.thinkific.com/courses/stress-free-nail-trims

Recent Podcast

Check out Tenacious Trainer Rayanne Craven’s recent interviewed on the K9 Conservationist’s podcast! It is all about Medical Alert dogs!Episode here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2vWxCB3XoJKZNS6DSOVgBE…Are you interested in working with Rayanne? Click here:https://bookus.page/Tenacious/rayannecraven 

Therapy dogs

Dogs are amazing creatures able to offer so many benefits.  Dogs in therapy work, can help lower blood pressure, lower pulse rate and release feel good neurotransmitters, which improve emotional well being. Many entities are realizing how having dogs on their team, can not only benefit team moral, but benefit our communites at large.  Learn […]

Teach your dog to retrieve!

https://youtu.be/HjWyZRfW-ao Join us July 2023, for our virtual retrieve class!! Sign up here: https://bookus.page/Tenacious/rayannecraven/virtual-retrieve-class-108-sales-tax-included-in-fee

Canine Cognition

Join us in Sioux Falls, South Dakota Area May 19th-21st, 2023 for our canine cognition seminar!  We will be covering puppy cognition tests and adult tests in this customized seminar with Lily!!This class is based on the research conducted with Duke University. This class is for everyone! We will have 3 working spots for dogs […]

Therapy Dogs

A new member has joined the Sioux Falls Police Department in a brand new position: a therapy dog. Leo is a 14-week-old Golden Retriever and is going through training to become a certified therapy dog. In Sioux Falls, the therapy dog will be used primarily for the well-being of officers but will also take part […]