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Sioux Falls Puppy Training

We offer the following for puppies:

  • House training
  • Crate training
  • Foundation behaviors- start your puppy off on the right foot!
  • Enjoy walking your dog by learning the skills necessary for loose leash walking
  • Enrichment- learn how to engage your puppy’s brain so you are both living happily together!
  • Custom plans to help you with your goals
  • Help with selecting a breed which would fit your family well

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I have been unbelievably blow away in my Karen Pryor Course. I am learning SO Much and having fun while I do it. Rebel is my dog I am using as my Demo Dog for class and to say we are having a blast learning is an understatement!! We can’t wait to graduate this year and put our knowledge to good use helping dogs in our community. I have met some pretty amazing trainers out there also committed to a different way of training.

Sioux Falls, Dog Training 

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Have you heard of the enrichment effect?

Jane Killion wrote an very interesting article about how puppies will have larger brains and be more emotionally stable if you raise them in an enriched environment. More information about this article can be found here:

To sum up the article however it was found that Animals brought up  in  an enriched environment show the following in comparison to animals raised in standard laboratory conditions:

•Larger brains

•More new brain cells and neural connections

•Better brain cell survival

 Additionally, they found that the physical changes in brain structure also resulted in the following intellectual and emotional benefits:

•Improved ability to learn and remember

•More emotional stability

•Better resiliency to stress

You can learn more or purchase the Puppy Culture protocols here:




My Favorite Supplements

I get asked all of the time my Favorite supplements so I thought I would share the links:

Complete Probiotics for Pets

Joint Support for Pets

Krill Oil Liquid Pump For Pets – 2 Fl Oz. 100 Mg – Rich In Omega-3-6 Fatty Acids And Astaxanthin – Supports Normal Brain And Nerve Function For Cats And Dogs

Digestive Enzymes

SpiruGreen for Cats and Dogs

Eye Support For Pets

Dental Gel for Pets


Food for Thought


The more I get involved with dogs, the more I understand the importance of finding and supporting reputable breeders. They breed to better the bred, by the follow the breed standard and provide the proper health testing, titling, and temperament among other values. The biggest thing is that they care where their puppies go. They care that it is a good fit for the home and the biggest thing is if it doesn’t work out they take them back. Imagine how much less space shelters and rescues would need, if we all supported reputable breeders? Everyone always seems to want a “cheap” family pet. However, cheap and quality and purposely bred dogs are not feasibly when you consider the costs to the breeder.    I once came upon a blog about the value in having a relationship with your breeder, I wish I could find it! It talked about how reputable breeders support you and your dog throughout it’s life time.  If you have health questions, grooming questions, questions about training or nutrition etc. they are there for you. Coming from someone, which lucked out their rescued GSD puppy passed all of her prelims, it can be challenging sometimes with not having a breeder to go to for advice.  I spend a lot of time doing research when It would have been amazing to have a mentor from the get go.21768125_1511916275540732_3900716143730305380_n