Fearful Dog Training in Sioux Falls

Do you have a dog that is fearful? We are here to help! We offer training in your home at time that works well for you! We offer services in Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas. Learn how to help your dog gain confidence Learn how to set your dog, guests & family up for […]

Dog Training in Sioux Falls

Want your dog trained in the comfort of your home, but don’t have time? We have you covered! With our stay and train options we come to your house and train your dog, while you are at work. The benefits are you come home to a tired dog, and we do lessons with you, to […]

Did you know not all rewards are created equal?

Reinforcers AKA Rewards are not created equal.  When you discover things your dogs like, write down specifics. If they like to be pet in a certain spot or enjoy time running off leash take note. What about treats? What do they drool over? Yes sure some dogs will work for kibble, but others want high […]

Have you heard of the enrichment effect

Jane Killion wrote an very interesting article about how puppies will have larger brains and be more emotionally stable if you raise them in an enriched environment. More information about this article can be found here:  https://www.puppyculture.com/new-enrichment-effect.html To sum up the article, however it was found that Animals brought up  in  an enriched environment show […]

What is Clicker Training?

What is clicker training? “Clicker training” is the popular term for the training method based on what we know about how living organisms are able to learn. Research has shown that any creature—whether a dog, cat or person for that matter, is more likely to learn and repeat behaviors, which  have resulted in consequences it […]

Happy Dogs

Now offering Board and Trains in Sioux Falls South Dakota!!! To our knowledge we are the only science based trainers, offering this services locally. Contact us today to learn more.