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What is separation anxiety?

What is Separation Anxiety? Separation anxiety is a panic disorder, this means a dog is unable to control their behaviors. He or she is truly panicking.  It is similar to how we might react if we are afraid of spiders and one suddenly appears. Although we don’t know exactly what causes it, I can tell …

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Does your dog lack impulse control?

Does your dog counter surf? Dash out doors, which are left open? I can help. All of these behaviors are due to lack of impulse control and being rewarded for making the wrong choice. We can help our dog or puppy learn that sitting and waiting is more rewarding, than doing other behaviors we do …

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Join us live for all things puppies!

“So many questions right now about raising a healthy and stable puppy! We are home all the time and the puppy has endless energy. How do I deal with this? I know socialization is important, but how can I effectively socialize my puppy during this time of social isolation? My kids and puppy are together …

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Prevent Common Behavioral Issues

If you have a puppy and need help preventing common behavioral issues, we have you covered! We will work with your puppy on resource guarding prevention, impulse control and more. Our day program specifically targeted for puppies 20 weeks and under. Contact us today to learn more: https://tenaciousdogtraining.com/contact/

Puppy Playtime

We are now offering a day program! Puppies 8 weeks to 20 weeks are welcome to come! What do you all get? Playtime with the resident nanny dog Crate training Impulse control training One walk or park outing Training to go and lay on a mat Potty training All training is done in our home, …

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Up Coming Events

Join us for one of our upcoming events! Train your dog from home online series! First webinar is Brain Drain 101, March 29th! Learn more and sign up here: https://tenaciousdogtraining.dogbizpro.com/public/registration/index.aspx?schedule=9 Foundation Skills for any Age, Starts April 7th- Learn more and sign up here: https://tenaciousdogtraining.dogbizpro.com/public/registration/index.aspx?schedule=5 Live Your Best Summer Series- Peaceful in Public April 16th …

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