Does your dog lack impulse control?

French Bulldog looking at cookies

Does your dog counter surf? Dash out doors, which are left open? I can help. All of these behaviors are due to lack of impulse control and being rewarded for making the wrong choice. We can help our dog or puppy learn that sitting and waiting is more rewarding, than doing other behaviors we do […]

Cooperative Care

Small dog next to a toothbrush

Learn how to making caring for your dog or cat FUN ( other animals also welcome)! In this 5 week series you will learn FUN ways to help your pet enjoy everyday grooming and have better veterinarian visits! Learn more!

Join us live for all things puppies!

“So many questions right now about raising a healthy and stable puppy! We are home all the time and the puppy has endless energy. How do I deal with this? I know socialization is important, but how can I effectively socialize my puppy during this time of social isolation? My kids and puppy are together […]

Up Coming Events

Join us for one of our upcoming events! Train your dog from home online series! First webinar is Brain Drain 101, March 29th! Learn more and sign up here: Foundation Skills for any Age, Starts April 7th- Learn more and sign up here: Live Your Best Summer Series- Peaceful in Public April 16th […]

Online Dog Training

You heard it here first! Tenacious Dog Training is excited to offer online dog training. Learn more here:

Common Dog Training Myths- BUSTED!

On todays video blog you will learn about 6 common dog training myths! Make sure to follow us on facebook here: to join us on our monthly “GO LIVE” events where we cover various topics to help people and dogs live their best lives! Learn more about common training Myths here:

You got a puppy now what?

You just brought your puppy home now what? Everywhere you turn you’ll get advice about what to do with your new puppy and the information can be overwhelming and not always based in science. Tenacious Dog Training can help make it simple for you to create the relationship with your puppy you are dreaming of. […]

Puppy Socialization

Puppies learn all the time, from everything around them, even when we don’t think we are training….we are. We can help make sure they learn to socialize well!  The first few weeks can make a huge difference in your puppy’s training and socialization. Join us for only $5.00, to help your puppy learn social skills […]

Group Training Classes

We will be offering a foundation course open to all ages and skill levels starting September 30th, 2019. Start having fun while you train by signing up here: Sioux Falls Dog Training

Dog Training Class

Group Classes start September 30th! After orientation we will be offering two class times! One at 6:00pm and another at 7:00pm. All ages and skill levels are welcome. Come have fun with your dog! Sign up here: Sioux Falls Dog Training