GSD dog barking

Having a dog that is reactive or aggressive can be challenging. Having helped 100s of dogs and humans with the issue, we are here to help! Pam works with dog to human aggression and dog to dog aggression. (Maggie Is currently full on her case load)

When you sign up for this package you will receive reading materials  to kick start your training and understanding. 

 During your 6 session package you will:

  • Learn to read your dog,
  • Learn to implement management strategies,
  • Build your relationship based on positive methods,
  • Teach many incompatible behaviors to the reactivity or aggression,
  • Train once a week for 6 weeks ( you do have 6 months to use your package, best results are seen by consistent training)
  • All training is done via zoom, this allows for you and your dog to learn in a stress free way all the new skills to live your best lives together
  • Please note Pam does not take cases that have infants or small children in the home.

Did you know with aggressive/ reactive dogs’ virtual sessions are the best approach? This is because you and your dog can learn the necessary skills to live your best lives together, as with us there it can add additional stresseors your dog(s), which means learning cannot take place. Additionally, an added person changes the environment, thus changing behaviors. Our goal is to help you with your dog, in the most natural environment as possible. This is the gold standard in the newer science-based approaches to bettering an animal’s welfare and setting the human end up for success in the long run. Additionally, you get the recording from each session, which means you have something for all of your dog’s caregivers to refer back to, while at the same time, make sure everyone is up to speed on the training plan. We look forward to working with you!


This program is all about setting the dog up to be successful, calm and focused on the handler. It is all about desensitizing and counter conditioning your dog to their own personal “provoking stimuli.” Zoom sessions are perfect for helping the human end of the leash learn all the necessary skills to help your dog, learn how to react to the world in a new way. If possible we recommend booking your sessions one week apart. Book your  consult to learn why virtual is the best way to help!

Package price is: $675.00, paid in full when link is sent. If after the 6 sessions, we both decide that you and your dog need more training, the cost for the following 6 sessions will be discounted to $650.00.

Pam and her two dogsPam Dennison, is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant with the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants).Pam started training dogs, in 1996. She has been working with aggression since 2000. Since then she has helped thousands of dogs and handlers build their relationships and solve problems. She knows how hard it is to have a dog with behavioral issues and is ready to help you build your best life with your dog (s).