5 questions to help you find a dog trainer

If you have ever done a search for a dog trainer, you would know it is hard to determine who to go with. Here are 5 questions to ask to help you find the right trainer for you:

  1. What training methods do you use? As outlined in the American College of Veterinarian Behaviorists, you want a trainer and/or behavioral consultant who uses positive reinforcement methods https://www.dacvb.org/page/PositionStatement
  2. What accreditation or certifications do you have? Dog training is unregulated and therefore anyone can call themselves a trainer. I recommend searching out a trainer that graduated from Karen Pryor Academy, The Academy for Dog Trainers, or the Pat Miller program. Certifications through these, PPG or IAABC are all great.
  3. How do you set the animal up for success? A great trainer knows we need to make the environment conducive to what we want the dog to learn.
  4. What happens if my dog makes a wrong choice? Seek out a trainer that says they will first lower criteria.
  5. What is your ideal client? Make sure your personality and your learning style fits with your trainer.

Happy Training!

dalmatian looking over a fence
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